Hi Terrence O. Howe here again, I just wanted to first of all thank you for checking out our blog, we hope that you find inspiration here and can maybe pick up a piece of software or two for your website.

Now straight to the tools, lets talk about one of our latest inventions, visitorspy! Visitorspy was invented in house here at Creations By Dezign and is a software to monitor your websites visitors, but unlike conventional analytics tools it does a lot more than just read the visitors IP and all that old stuff.

With Visitorspy you can actually track each visitor individually, you can even watch them. With our advanced tracking technology, you can now take a screenshot of your website and load it into the tool and start tracking.

Every visitor that comes to your website from that moment onwards will be recorded as if you are videoing their mouse movements on your website.

red_person_final_2The results from this are great, because now you can not only see where your customers come from, but actually see what they are doing on your website, where they are hovering their mouse, and where they may or may not avoid an advert or intentionally click on one.

But that’s not nearly all, imagine this, you have a fresh website, with a shopping cart. People are just not adding anything at checkout or even worse, they add stuff to their shopping cart and then abandon it.

What do you do now? Here’s the trick you can now install Visitorspy on your shopping cart system and watch as your customers go through the checkout process. What this means is that you can track exactly at what point you are losing or confusing customers! Here’s something even better.

Bug reports, if one of your visitors finds a bug and tells you about it, you can now go into the recording logs and watch exactly what happened when they encountered the bug, isn’t that amazing? That way you can totally avoid having problems that you can’t figure out “how they happened” because you weren’t “able to replicate the problem”.

I hope that you are as excited about the launch of Visitorspy as we are and that you enjoyed reading up on it here on our blog. We really do hope that you sign up for our release notes and that we will have the honour of seeing you here again soon.

Sneak Peek Inside VisitorSpy